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Arts and cultural organizations are complex beasts in a complex ecosystem. Artists, technicians, staff, boards, donors, audiences, foundations, governments, tax codes, zoning, urban planning, production, presentation, preservation, education, web sites, e-mail, media, and on, and on, and on.

There's no way to make it simple, but there's every need to clarify...think clearly, communicate cleanly, and act in the little ways that make a big difference.

Since 1995, arts axis llc has been providing strategy, communications, technology, and management advice and action to arts and culture organizations, from American Ballet Theatre to the Grand Theater in Wausau, Wisconsin, from philanthropies like the Wallace Foundation to leading national arts management consultants like AMS Planning & Research Corp.

There's stuff on this web site about us and what we do. But it's probably better to ask our clients, talk to our colleagues, or drop us a line to see where we can help bring clarity to whatever you have in mind.

arts axis llc
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