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Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru)
The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) is a partnership of over thirty major research universities that recognize the arts as integral to teaching, research, and service in higher education. The alliance invited us to help define and develop a next-stage business model to advance their essential collective work.

Cultural Data Project
The Cultural Data Project provides a national standard for data collection in the arts and cultural sector, and responsive systems for funders, organizations, researchers, and policy makers. The organization commissioned arts axis llc to research, develop, and deliver a new curriculum for data-informed decision-making.

Overture Center for the Arts
Madison, Wisconsin's $205-million cultural facility was pondering the costs and opportunities of the beautiful behemoth they were building. In collaboration with AMS Planning & Research Corp. (see below), we provided governance recommendations, financial pro formas, rental structures, and other insights.

AMS Planning & Research Corp.
One of the nation's leading management consulting firms to arts and culture, AMS has been a close and collaborative client for almost a decade...for web development, communications strategy, research support, and collaborative projects.

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project
SNAAP is an innovative research initiative that includes an annual online survey, data management, and institutional improvement system designed to enhance the impact of arts-school education. As they transitioned from their foundation-funded pilot phase into fully independent operations, they came to use for insights, advice, structure, and strategy to help them find their new normal.

Isthmus Vocal Ensemble, Inc.
A unique performing arts ensemble taking its first steps into nonprofit corporate status, the Isthmus Vocal Ensemble was looking for a communications strategy, style, and web presence to match its artistic quality and its quirky organizational style. We took a shot at it, sprinkling in audience-engagement elements like electronic postcards, on-line audio, and a bluntly bold organizational voice.

The North Group Inc.
A leading national fundraising and planning firm for arts and cultural organizations, The North Group needed a web site and a thoughtful way of conveying their services and their passions (restaurants and Japanese ceramics, if you must know) to the wider world.

International Society for the Performing Arts
A close client for more than a decade, this international professional association for performing arts managers, venues, artists, and their representatives asked us to rethink their web communications, to build data systems to manage and support their membership, and to understand how on-line conversation can extend their mission across borders of artistic discipline, language, and culture.

American Ballet Theatre
The mother ship of professional ballet companies was rethinking its on-line presence, hoping to add e-commerce, and wondering how to use e-mail to its best advantage.

The Grand Theatre / Artsblock
Artsblock is the new life for a grand historic theater in Wausau, Wisconsin. The reconception of the block, the new face of the facility in its community, and the new potential for positive connections to a wider audience all brought the organization to us for a thoughtful, nimble, and self-maintainable web site design and data structure. We used a unique combination of off-the-shelf, open-source software and customer-focused design standards to deliver the goods.


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